Literature event promoting foreign rights sales talks about how to start a literary agency


Black Hole Summer event program has been released

Black Hole Summer event is focusing on how to start a literary agency and finding people who are interested in it. The event will be a virtual event in Brella virtual environment and it will take place on Tuesday 7.6.2022, starting at 1pm.

Lena Stjernström, the CEO of the Grand Agency, from Sweden, is sharing her experiences of starting a literary agency. Kati Uusi-Rauva, a soon-to-be project manager in The Uniarts Helsinki, talks about how to build a sustainable business model. Anna Ryynänen from BusinessOulu tells audience all the services BusinessOulu offers for those planning and starting a business in creative industries.

One of the special features of the event are one-on-one meetings, for which there is time allotted after the program. The attendees are encouraged to book meetings with each other even before the event begins. The match-making features of the Brella platform will make it easy to find the best-fitting contacts.

The event is open to all book industry professionals and free of charge. The whole program and registration can be found at here. The event is organized by the Oulu Writers Association in association with BusinessOulu and North Finland Film Commission

Black Hole Summer event is a part of the Oulu Writers Association’s ongoing project to build a network for publishing professionals aiming to further Northern literary exports. The project is made possible by the financial support of the Council of Oulu region and the City of Oulu.