Aapo Kukko

Photographer Henry Söderlund

Genre(s): comics

Aapo Kukko (b. 1991) is a cartoonist from Oulu whose work considers many social and historical themes. He often depicts individuals in exceptional situations. As an author, Kukko specializes in long comics stories. Kukko believes in making use of other art forms, such as film, theater, and even poetry, when telling stories through comics. He also places an emphasis on the script as a work of prose.

U-255: Patrolling the North I (U-255: Sukellus pohjoisessa I), MkkEntertainment, 2008.

U-255: Patrolling the North II (U-255: Sukellus pohjoisessa II), MkkEntertainment, 2010.

U-255: Patrolling the North III (U-255: Sukellus pohjoisessa III), MkkEntertainment, 2011.

A Phantom in Stream City (Aave Stream Cityssä), script by Mikko Mustasaari, Lempo Kustannus, 2012.

The Gray Wolf (Harmaa susi), script by Tapani Bagge, CrimeTime & Elisa Kirja, 2013 (digitalcomic book); Arktinen Banaani, 2016 (printed comic book).

‘Headrest,’ 10-page story in the anthology Headrest and Other Comics (Niskatuki ja muita sarjakuvia), Lempo Kustannus, 2013.

Shreds (Riekaleita), Arktinen Banaani, 2015.

Family, Sisu, and Social Welfare: The Phases of Finnish Social Security (Suku, sisu ja sotu – Suomalaisen sosiaaliturvan vaiheita), contributing illustrator, Kela, 2017.

The Socialist and the Nihilist (Sosialisti ja nihilisti), Arktinen Banaani / Zum Teufel / Täysi Käsi Oy, 2019.

A Ghastly Tale: A Story about the Congo (Karmea tarina: kertomus Kongosta), Zum Teufel, 2019.

Nominations and Awards
Sarjakuva-Finlandia prize for comics finalist, 2020
Lapland Literature Prize candidate, 2021

Foreign rights enquiries
Harto Pasonen / Arktinen Banaani

+358 50 5299768

Aapo Kukko
+358 40 0350008

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