Antti Leikas

Photographer Laura Malmivaara

Genre(s): fiction

An author and a family man, a mathematician by education, studied also literature, philosophy and business administration. Writes funny but weird novels about offices and goblins.

Melominen (2011), Huopaaminen (2013), Soutaminen (2015) – a trilogy.

Goblins: Journey into Darkness (2018) – The world’s first goblin thriller.

Praise for Goblins
“The boundaries of truth and fantasy are being tested, just like a decent novel should. Leikas’ ability to fabulate wildly in the framework of the recognizably real world has been present in his previous novels, but Goblins beats its predecessors. It’s his fourth and most intense work of prose, a novel like a raging moose.” – The Book of the Week, Kauppalehti newspaper, Finland

”Goblins could be called a picaresque novel with a fantastical twist. Even though the book’s subtitle is Journey into the Darkness, and the universe is at one point within an inch of destruction, the undertone stays cheery.” – Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

“…this novel, which can be read as an excellent adventure story, is a brand new treat for those who are interested in Nordic mythology. In Hollywood this would be made into a box-office hit movie.” – Turun Sanomat newspaper

“A master’s in comparative literature is not a prerequisite for reading Goblins. It’s enough if you know how to cry and laugh. Even better if you can do them both at the same time.” – Aamulehti newspaper

“Goblins is a fun read” – Keskisuomalainen newspaper

“…the text draws you in like a black hole.” – Kaleva newspaper

”The setting is delicious.” – Lapin kansa newspaper

Nominations and Awards
The debut novel Melominen was nominated to the short list of Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize and to the short list of Savonia Literature Prize.

Melominen has been translated to Hungarian (Polar Könyvek, 2012)

Goblins has been translated to Czech (Paseka, 2019)

Foreign rights enquiries
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