Eeva Maria al-Khazaali

Photographer Tekla Vähärautio

Genre(s): fiction

Eeva Maria al-Khazaali (b. 1986) is a writer living in Oulu whose feminist, auto-fictional works have been enthusiastically received by both critics and readers. Al-Khazaali’s poetry focuses on the possibilities of language and especially on expressing emotions. Her second collection of poems, That I Would Dream About It, has been published in English in the United States.

Al-Khazaali is currently writing her fourth book, Dakota, a rich and multilayered long poem about an anarchist, world traveler and squatter, and about the loss of friendship.

Unelma (Dream), ntamo, 2009

Että näkisin siitä unia (That I Would Dream About It), ntamo, 2018

Paperi, haavoja (Paper, Wounds), ntamo, 2020

That I Would Dream About It, Adelaide Books, 2019

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Publisher Jarkko S. Tuusvuori
+358 40 735 8768

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