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Genre(s): comics

Harri Filppa (b. 1980) is a Finnish cartoonist and director of the Oulu Comics Center. Filppa has published seven comics albums, including three books for children.

Filppa has a master’s degree in art from the University of Lapland and was the first person in Finland to produce a master’s thesis in the form of a comic. His thesis concerned advertising comics and was published in 2011 with the title Science and Comics (Tiedettä ja sarjakuvaa). Filppa’s autobiographical comic Death Did Us Part (2017) was nominated for both the Sarjakuva-Finlandia prize for comics and the Botnia literature prize.

In recent years, Filppa has been active in collaborations in the Nordic countries and the Barents region. His works have been translated into English and Russian. Over the years, he has appeared in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Russia, in addition to Finland.

Edgy the Hedgehog: The Colorful Bridge (Vastarannan Siili – Värikäs silta), Soiva Siili, 2019

Jesus’s Bootprints (Jeesuksen saappaanjälki), script by Jarmo Stoor, Nispero kustannus, 2019

Who Dies Best (Kekä kommeiten kuolee), script by Jukka Takalo, Pohjoinen kustannustoiminta, 2018

Death Did Us Part (Kuolema meidät erotti), Pohjoinen kustannustoiminta, 2017

Edgy the Hedgehog: Scurrying Around (Vastarannan Siili piipertää) Soiva Siili, 2017

Edgy the Hedgehog in Dreamland (Vastarannan Siili unten mailla) Soiva Siili, 2016

Science and Comics: Panels for Sale (Tiedettä ja sarjakuvaa – ruutujen kaupalla), Kustannus HD, 2011

Nominations and Awards
Death Did Us Part, Sarjakuva-Finlandia prize for comics finalist 2017

Death Did Us Part, Botnia literature prize nominee 2018

Ёжик из Противоречья в Сонляндии
(Vastarannan Siili piipertää), 2018

Ёжик из Противоречья копается (Vastarannan Siili unten mailla), 2018

Death Did Us Part (Kuolema meidät erotti), Pohjoinen kustannustoiminta, 2017

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