Jarno Mällinen

Photographer Toni Härkönen

Genre(s): fiction

Jarno Mällinen (b. 1965) has published three novels: Growing Up Crooked (Kieroonkasvukertomus), published in 2011, is a darkly humorous coming of age story. A Monster Drawn in the Sand (Hiekkaan piirretty hirviö), published in 2014, is an absurd, black humor-filled story about a media company. The Home Front (Kotirintama), published in 2017, is a grim family drama taking place during Finland’s Continuation War.

Mällinen is known as guitarist-composer and lyricist of Oulu cult band Radiopuhelimet, which has released fifteen albums. Previously, he was guitarist-composer and lyricist for the band Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio (also known as KTMK), another band that enjoys a cult reputation. He has written lyrics for several dozen songs, and his writings have also been published in the book Radiopuhelimet (2006).

Mällinen has also been involved in his current band’s two plays, Radiopuhelimet (2000) and Tommi (2005), as both an actor and a writer, and co-wrote the play Love (Rakkautta), which was produced at Oulu Theatre in 2018.

Mällinen has worked as a journalist for the Oulu newspaper Kaleva and as a freelancer. He is especially interested in film and has worked as a film critic and film essayist and served on the jury of the Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival.

Growing Up Crooked (Kieroonkasvukertomus), 2011

A Monster Drawn in the Sand (Hiekkaan piirretty hirviö), 2014

The Home Front (Kotirintama), 2017

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