Jenny Kangasvuo

Photographer Lotta Salonen

Genre(s): non-fiction

Jenny Kangasvuo (b. 1975) is a writer and cultural anthropologist who lives in Oulu. Her literary production draws on speculative genres of fiction and is characterized by a slightly different view of reality. In Kangasvuo’s works, werewolves, Kalevala water-nymphs, space explorers, and ancient sages live their daily lives.

Kangasvuo’s non-fiction books have dealt with sexuality, gender, and corporeality, but also with procrastination and violence. She has also written essays about folklore and the status of minorities.

Kangasvuo also writes academic texts and teaches at the university level. Her doctoral dissertation was on the topic of Finnish bisexuality. Kangasvuo is currently writing a popular non-fiction book on bisexuality and pansexuality based on her research.

I Hope for Strong Wings: Twenty Years of Peer Support for the Families of Victims of Homicide (Toivon vahvat siivet. Henkirikoksen uhrien läheisten vertaistukitoimintaa 20 vuotta), Huoma, 2020

The Procrastination Revolution (Kotvimisen vallankumous), non-fiction, co-authored with Katri Rauanjoki and Jonna Pulkkinen, Karisto, 2018

Wolf’s Blood (Sudenveri), fiction, Teos, 2012

Nominations and Awards
2021 Preliminary Jury Recognition Award in the New Finnish Essay competition, for an essay about the relationship between Finnish and Sámi cultures
2018 Atorox Award for best sci-fi short story of the year, for ‘Musta otsa’ (‘Black Brow’)

2016 First prize in Portti’s sci-fi and fantasy short story competition, for ‘Musta otsa’

2013 Finnish Tolkien Society’s Kuvastaja Prize for best fantasy novel of the year, for Sudenveri

2006 Atorox Award, for ‘Kaikessa lihassa on tahto’ (‘All Flesh Has Will’)

2005 First prize in Portti’s sci-fi and fantasy short story competition, for ‘Aalto nahan alla’ (‘A Wave Under the Skin’)

2004 First prize in the Nova sci-fi and fantasy short story competition, for ‘Vaativat arvet; tai, Kertomus saumoistani’ (‘Insistent Scars; or, The Story of My Seams’)

Foreign rights enquiries
Rights for Kangasvuo’s speculative fiction are handled by Anne Leinonen at Kumma Literary Agency (
For non-fiction rights, contact the author:
+358 50 550 1744

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