Katja Törmänen

Photographer Toni Härkönen

Genre(s): fiction

Katja Törmänen (b. 1971) is a writer and creative writing teacher from Oulu. She is a history teacher by training.

Törmänen writes because it opens up vistas she could never see in real life and adventures she would probably never dare participate in, even if given the chance. She writes fantasy because it lets her approach what is true in this world. Most fundamentally, she writes because when writing, she is free.

Freedom and free will fascinate Törmänen also as themes. In her writing, she ponders what freedom means to different people in different situations and who is allowed to have freedom and free will and who is denied it – and on what grounds. History and mythology are the treasure troves from which she draws her raw materials, combining, stirring, and stewing them into stories from a world that could have been.

Törmänen is currently writing the third part of her series that began with The Bear’s Bride (Karhun morsian).

Praise for Daughter of Earth (Maan tytär):

“The story, set in a mythical twilight, tells of that which is common to humans of all eras.”

Kaleva (Oulu)

“A vibrant fantasy about an Iron Age world. Daughter of Earth easily draws you in, and the reader feels truly transported to the distant Iron Age. Timeless questions … arise in the novel in a thought-provoking way.”

Kaltio magazine

The Bear’s Bride (Karhun morsian), Like, 2018.

Daughter of Earth (Maan tytär), Like, 2020.

Nominations and Awards
The Bear’s Bride (Karhun morsian) won Like Kustannus and Tähtivaeltaja magazine’s speculative fiction writing competition, and the work was also shortlisted for the Kuvastaja prize, awarded by the Finnish Tolkien Society Kontu to the year’s best fantasy book.

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