Lauri Hirvonen

Photographer Anu-Maija Kärjä

Genre(s): children’s books

Lauri Hirvonen (b. 1981) is a children’s author from Oulu. He has written and illustrated nine picture books, as well as comics and a children’s novel. Hirvonen’s work depicts the everyday moods and feelings of childhood. Nature plays an important role in his stories, and tricky situations are always resolved in a gentle, natural way.

Hirvonen enjoys writing picture books and being able to use both text and images to tell his stories. Because he illustrates his work himself, the writing and visual world of his books are in dialog from the beginning.

Hirvonen has master’s degrees in media science and Finnish. In addition to his work as an author, Hirvonen has also worked as a journalist. He is the father of three children.

Inka and the Sleep Warbler (Inka ja unikerttu), picture book, Kustannus-Mäkelä Oy, 2020

Pei and Ryhveli Play Firefighters (Pei ja Ryhveli pelastajina), picture book, Kustannus-Mäkelä Oy, 2019

Pei and Ryhveli’s Trouble in Space (Pein ja Ryhvelin rakettiriita), picture book, Kustannus-Mäkelä Oy, 2018

Inka and the Tickle Tiger (Inka ja kutitustiikeri), picture book, Kustannus-Mäkelä Oy, 2017

Champ and Turbo Four-Wheel-Drive (Nasta ja Turbo Neliveto), children’s novel, Kustannus-Mäkelä Oy, 2016

Inka and the Sauna Flamingo (Inka ja saunaflamingo), picture book, Kustannus-Mäkelä Oy, 2016

Windcatcher (Tuulentaittaja), picture book, Kustannus-Mäkelä Oy, 2015

Hopsy-Flopsy Starts a Band (Hupsutupsu perustaa orkesterin), picture book, WSOY, 2012

Hopsy-Flopsy’s Songs (Hupsutupsun lauluja), two songs on CD, lyrics, Samsara Records, 2012

Princess Hopsy-Flopsy and the Dragon (Prinsessa Hupsutupsu ja lohikäärme), picture book, WSOY, 2011

Hopsy-Flopsy’s Coloring Book (Hupsutupsun värityskirja), WSOY, 2011

Hopsy-Flopsy Takes a Train (Hupsutupsun junamatka), picture book, WSOY, 2009

Contact Information:

Author’s contact information:
+358 44 3440 519

Publisher of the Inka book series in Finland:
Kustannus-Mäkelä Oy
+358 9 2257 995

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