Liisa Louhela

Photographer Aino Väänänen

Genre(s): fiction

Liisa Louhela (b. 1986) has worked as a freelance writer and on creative writing projects. She studied the history of sciences and ideas at the University of Oulu. Louhela is interested in the history of minority groups and was inspired by the songs of the Finnish Kale to investigate the past of the Romani in Finland. Louhela’s debut novel, Kaikkeus on meidän (The Universe is Ours), was largely composed on a voice recorder while walking the forests of the island Hailuoto in the Gulf of Bothnia.

Kaikkeus on meidän
(The Universe is Ours), novel, WSOY 2021

Ihmiset täällä (People Here), a documentary photography and creative writing project about the town of Suomussalmi, together with photographer Tiina Wallin. Publication financed by Finnfoto, the Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organizations, in 2020.

Sata yötä ulkona: opas ulkona yöpyjälle (One Hundred Nights Out: A Guide for Spending the Night Outdoors), Maahenki 2018

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