Miia Paani

Photographer Sara Ahola

Genre(s): poetry

Miia Paani is a poet from Oulu, Finland. She has published four collections of her work, as well as having poems featured in anthologies, magazines, and online.

Nature is of utmost importance to Paani. Since childhood she has wandered in forests and on beaches with her dogs; this sense of the natural world is ever-present in her poems and aphorisms. Motherhood, womanhood, and the human rights of girls and women are central themes for Paani, while she also investigates meanings behind humanity and the psyche from more universal vantages in her oeuvre.


Tuulet vastaan. ntamo, Helsinki 2018. (“You blow toward me”. Aphoristic poems.) Layout and artwork by Sara Ahola.

Puut juurilla ja naiset. Poems. ntamo, Helsinki 2010. (“Trees at the roots and women”. Poems)

Unisara. Pilot, Tampere 2005. (“Dream path”. Children’s poems)

Nimeämätöntä varten. Nihil Interit, Helsinki 1996. (“For the unnamed”. Poems)

Texts in anthologies
Olet täyttänyt ruumiini tulella. Anthology of erotic poetry. Ed. Sinikka Vuola. WSOY, Helsinki 2017. (one poem)

Tiheiden ajatusten kirja. Highlights of modern aphorism. Ed. Sami Feiring. Finnish Aphorism Association, Helsinki 2011. (aphorisms)

Runokiertue 98. Nihil Interit, Helsinki 1998 (poems).

Foreign rights enquiries
Jarkko S. Tuusvuori
+358 40 735 8768

Reading materials

Author profile translated by Kasper Salonen.

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