Simo Hiltunen

Photographer Jarmo Kontiainen

Genre(s): fiction

Simo Hiltunen writes by night and is a journalist by day. Is at his boldest and most authentic at the keyboard. In his element. Being a journalist was the back-up plan, in case being an author didn’t work out. Hiltunen lives for his family and to write. Isn’t scared of humor or dark topics. Lives in earnest but doesn’t take life seriously. Wants to take on big topics but make them as appealing as possible in his writing. Believes the flow of a book is more important than saying everything you can. Knows that if an author is well-versed in his subject, his knowledge will flow naturally into the text and the book’s appeal will not be eroded by excessive lecturing. Hiltunen is currently writing his third Lauri Kivi novel, which deals with justice. Lauri has ended up in prison, suspected of murders committed in the name of justice. As the investigation progresses, police recover evidence from the cold crime scenes, and the fingerprints and other items all point to Lauri. Is Lauri guilty of the crimes he’s accused of, or has he been framed?

Simo Hiltunen, born in 1977, is a producer and systems specialist at the Oulu newspaper Kaleva. He is married and the father of three children.

In Sheep’s Clothing (Lampaan vaatteissa), WSOY, 2015

In the Shell of a Person (Ihmisen kuoressa), WSOY, 2018

In wolfskleren (Lampaan vaatteissa), Meulenhoff Boekerij, Netherlands, 2016

Die Stunde des Wolfs (Lampaan vaatteissa), Rütten & Loening, Germany, 2017

Si vulnerable (Lampaan vaatteissa), Fleuve Editions, France, 2018

V rouše beránčím (Lampaan vaatteissa), Bookmedia, Czech Republic, 2019

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