Tuomo Pirttimaa

Photographer Mikko Halvari

Genre(s): fiction

Tuomo Pirttimaa (b. 1969) is a writer and freelance journalist who lives and works in Kuusamo, in northern Finland. Pirttimaa’s first novel, Quagmire (Hete), is set in the north, and the north is not only where the action takes place, but an attitude and a way of life and of looking at the world. The book has been described as country noir. Nature is strongly present in Pirttimaa’s writing, but not the postcard-picture nature of Finnish Lapland, with its tourist destinations and national parks. Instead, he writes of endless forest roads, overgrown yards, and deserted small villages. The same kinds of landscapes unfold in the human nature of Pirttimaa’s characters: landscapes of power, violence, and shame used to control others. But despite the heavy subject matter, the book also contains grace and a laconic humor that wells up out of the gloom. Pirttimaa’s narration has a strong, unique voice and references the rhythm of films and quality crime drama.

Quagmire was published in 2021. Its sequel, Little Fish (Tirri), will be published in August 2022. Pirttimaa has also begun work on another novel, which will be published in 2023.

Quagmire (Hete), Johnny Kniga, 2021

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