Black Hole 11.-12.2.2022

The second annual Black Hole – Books meet Rights literature event takes place on 11.–12.2.2022 virtually on the Brella platform. The event is open to all book industry professionals and free of charge. 

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This year, the program focuses on Northern Finnish literature, translating, publishing Finnish literature abroad, and the effects of the Covid pandemic on the book industry. See full program »

One-on-one meetings
There is time allotted for one-on-one meetings on both event days. Make sure to book meetings with each other even before the event begins. The match-making features of the Brella platform make it easy to find the best contacts. 

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LIVE EVENT IN OULU 11.2.2022 19:30 Black Hole Club with Niillas Holmberg and Pauli Lyytinen
Tuba – Food and Lounge, Mannenkatu 2, Oulu, Finland

In addition to the virtual program, Black Hole will also host a local, live Black Hole Club in Oulu, Finland.

In a new collaboration between writer-musician Niillas Holmberg and saxophonist-composer Pauli Lyytinen, the landscapes where the waterline of the shores rises and falls are narrated to the listeners. In addition to his own poems, Holmberg reads excerpts from the birth myth of the Sámi, compiled by Anders Fjellner 200 years ago, combining poem reading with yoik fragmented by shorelines. For this, Lyytinen builds entire musical worlds using saxophone, percussion and electronics.

*** Please note that this event will not be streamed.

Organizers and Partners 
Black Hole – Books meet Rights is a part of the Oulu Writers Association’s ongoing project to build a network for publishing professionals aiming to further Northern literary exports. The event is made possible by the financial support of the Council of Oulu region and the City of Oulu. Partners include Finnish Literature Exchange FILI, Helsinki Literary Agency, and Arts Promotion Center Finland.

Past events
The first Black Hole – Books meet Rights was held in February 2021. You can find more about the Black Hole 2021 here.

Black Hole project
Black Hole is an international literature network focused on translating and foreign rights, based in Oulu, Finland. Read more about the project here.