Pauliina Rauhala

Photographer Vesa Ranta

Genre(s): fiction

Pauliina Rauhala (b. 1977) works as a Finnish teacher and lives in the northern city of Oulu. Her debut novel Heavensong (2013) is one of the most successful Finnish debuts with over 70,000 sold copies. Rauhala’s second novel, Harvest (2018), praised by critics, is also a bestseller.

Heavensong (Taivaslaulu, 2013) | 284 pp.

Harvest (Synninkantajat, 2018) | 367 pp.

Nominations and Awards
Heavensong (2015) was awarded with the Christian Book Prize and Gummerus’ Kaarle Prize and it was chosen by literature bloggers as the best book of Finnish fiction in 2013.

Harvest (2018) was a nominee for the Finlandia Prize, Botnia Prize and the Christian Book Prize.

Denmark, Jensen & Dalgaard; Latvia, sia

Foreign rights enquiries
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Materials available
Heavensong: Finnish original, Danish translation English sample, French sample, German sample

Harvest: Finnish original, English sample

English sample of Heavensong by Fleur Jeremiah

English sample of Harvest by Heidi Gilhooly

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